URIAH HEEP : A Visual Biography – by Martin Popoff

The latest in the ‘visual biography’ series from Canadian rock writer Martin Popoff just happens to be on the mighty Uriah Heep. A project I had a slight hand in. And having said that – has made it hard for me to write much about it It is a very nice coffee-table book, chalk full of photos from throughout the band’s history, with photos mainly coming from fellow Heep fans who were fortunate to have seen the band over the decades, with different line-ups. So credit must go to those who contributed their photos, and time in scanning as well.

The visual history also comes with a timeline of Heep’s history, noting many birthdays, important dates, related releases, etc…

It is a fine addition to an avid Heep fan’s collection. It is heavy (weight), but will make for a cool conversation piece.

For the record, someone commented ‘enough with the Heep books‘ – well, I for one am in favor of seeing more, and preferably more from those (players & participants) who were there. Uriah Heep was/is a major band in the golden era of heavy rock, an era that will disappear sooner than later. So, if you’ve got something to say, photos you’re stashing, recordings you’re holding on to, unprinted interviews to share — Now is the time!

*For more info and to order please check out the link below. +Martin also has copies of his Thin Lizzy book in the same series.

Uriah Heep: A Visual Biography (martinpopoff.com)

Uriah Heep: A Visual Biography: Popoff, Martin: 9781912782567: Amazon.com: Books

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