APRIL WINE: founding member Ritchie Henman writes his story

Ritchie Henman was a founding member of legendary Canadian band April Wine. Formed in 1969 by Ritchie (drums), brother David (guitar, vocals), cousin Jim Henman (bass), and Myles Goodwyn (guitar, vocals). The band moved from Nova Scotia to Montreal early on with the hopes of landing gigs and a record deal, on the basis of a misunderstood response from a well known promoter. Ritchie and David Henman wrote and played on the first 3 albums, before leaving the band and moving on to other projects. In that time April Wine made an impact on the Canadian charts with such hits as “Fast Train”, “Could Have Been A Lady”, “Bad Side Of The Moon”, and “Drop Your Guns”. Ritchie also played on the excellent album by Cruiser – Rollin’ With The Times, from 1980.

Anyway, after all these years Ritchie Henman has written his own story in the newly released – High Adventure – Tales Of Canadian Rock & Roll Survival, which details his earliest days in Novav Scotia to his days as the original drummer in April Wine as the band was gaining popularity early on. On to the band The Dudes, Cruiser, and others, on to (presumably) his post-rock days.

High Adventure – Tales Of Canadian Rock & Roll Survival is available on Amazon, as well as the publisher’s site. For more info check out the links below.

*There will be a book launch for High Adventure, with Ritchie, at the Dorval Library on May 17. Go to http://www.ritchiehenman.com for more info and to register.




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