UNICORN’s Too Many Crooks, produced by David Gilmour to get reissue

From 1971 to ’77 British folk-rock band UNICORN released 4 albums. Their most memorable being 1976’s Too Many Crooks, which was one of a few of their records to be produced by David Gilmour. Too Many Crooks was the band’s third album, but in Canada and the US, it was released as Unicorn 2, with different album artwork (the previous album Blue Pine Trees was issued as the band’s first, with a very similar cover to Unicorn 2). Too Many Crooks (or Unicorn 2) included the classic “No Way Out Of Here”, which David Gilmour would cover for his 1978 debut solo album, as well as the single. Gilmour is also credited with pedal-steel guitar on the title track. These guys were a mix of folk rock, country rock, and pop, with Too Many Crooks featuring 10 excellent songs written by Ken Baker, and added fine harmonies throughout the songs. Other favorites include “Ferry Boat”, “Easy” and “Weekend”. If you’re a fan of the likes of Poco, The Eagles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, you’d want to hear this. Too Many Crooks will be reissued on CD and Vinyl on May 12, via Think Like A Key Music. It will include liner notes by Dave Disano, rare photos, and the bonus track (outtake) “So Far Away”. *For more info check out the press release below, as well as links.

UK Country Rock Legends Unicorn’s Seminal Third Album Produced by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour With It’s Reissue on CD & Vinyl

Enchanting British Folk-Rock and West Coast Vibes Return on May 12, 2023 courtesy of Think Like A Key Music

Unicorn’s captivating third album “Too Many Crooks,” produced by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, returns to delight fans and music aficionados alike with its reissue on CD and vinyl, set to release on May 12, 2023, through Think Like A Key Music. The album, originally released on EMI’s Harvest label in the UK and Capitol in the US, showcases the band’s unique blend of pastoral British folk-rock and evocative West Coast vibes.

The reissue invites listeners to immerse themselves in Ken Baker’s rich songwriting tapestry, woven together with Beatlesque melodies, tight performances, and a compelling sonic narrative. Tracks like the irresistible country-rock anthems “He’s Got Pride” and “In The Mood,” the funky groove of “Bullseye Bill,” and the tender, Big Star-esque title track effortlessly explore a diverse range of musical landscapes.

Although Unicorn’s proto-powerpop gem “Disco Dancer” did not achieve chart success, the haunting track “No Way Out Of Here” found a second life on David Gilmour’s debut album. This reissue is an essential piece of music history for any discerning music aficionado.

The album’s liner notes, written by Dave Disanzo, tell the story of Unicorn’s connection with David Gilmour, who not only produced the album but also played guitar on several tracks. “Too Many Crooks,” considered by many as Unicorn’s finest release, perfectly encapsulates the band’s brilliant songwriting, exquisite harmonies, masterful musicianship, and crystal-clear production.

The reissue includes rare session photos and lyrics, making it a must-have for fans and collectors. Don’t miss this opportunity to rediscover the enchanting sounds of Unicorn’s seminal third album.

About Unicorn: Unicorn was a renowned British rock band formed in 1971, originally known as The Senders. Their unique sound combined elements of country-rock, soft rock, and folk, creating a distinct and captivating musical experience. Discovered by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, who took on the role of their producer and mentor, Unicorn consisted of talented musicians Ken Baker (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Pat Martin (bass, vocals), Peter Perrier (drums, vocals), and Kevin Smith (guitar, vocals). Throughout their career, the band released four critically acclaimed albums, garnering a dedicated fan base. Despite their undeniable talent and passion, Unicorn never achieved mainstream success, ultimately disbanding in 1980. Their legacy, however, continues to live on through their timeless music and the impact they had on their loyal listeners.

About Think Like A Key Music: Think Like A Key Music is an independent record label devoted to the promotion and production of frequently underrepresented music. The label’s objective is to produce timeless, inspiring, and uplifting music releases for an ever-evolving world. Possessing a wealth of experience and talent, Think Like A Key Music offers a fresh perspective to the music industry by crafting releases that resonate with listeners for years to come. We invite you to embark on a musical journey with us, exploring our diverse catalog, and uncovering new favorites as well as revisiting cherished classics.

To purchase: https://tlak.rocks/toomanycrooks




UNICORN 2 – Unicorn – Capitol ST 11453 –
Producer: David Gilmour – List: 6.98 A nice, mellow blend of laidback country flavored blues highlights the latest effort by Unicorn. Nothing takes predominance as vocals and instrumentals share all lead passages with equally effective results. A couple of rockers round out this musical picture in fine form. There’s AM in this record’s future while easy listening and possibly country outlets might wish to bite. Top listens include “Too Many Crooks“, “Keep On Going”, and “No Way Out Of Here”. – Cash-Box-1976-01-24

UNICORN 2 -Capitol ST -11453. Second LP from British
quartet produced by Pink Floyd member David Gilmour is a well done mix of goodtime rock (similar to ’60s British material), acoustic, harmonizing mid tempo cuts and even a country rock cut or two. Best cuts: “Weekend,” “He’s Got Pride,” “Keep On Going,” “Easy.”
– Billboard 1976-01-24

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