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Story Behind The Album Cover : Poco ‘s One Night In Nashville


American country-rock band Poco have a long history, dating back to 1968. The band ceased touring in 2014 when lone founding member Rusty Young retired (in 2013). This recording from 2004 also featured longtime member Paul Cotton, who’d left a few years previously. Sadly, both Young and Cotton passed away in 2021.

Now available on CD & blue vinyl, from Purple Pyramid Records, One Night In Nashville features the artwork of Angelika “Angel” Ciesniarska . Like a number of Poco covers, this release features a horse, as created by Angel.

About the artist

“I was born in Poland in 1977, I settled in UK in 2005. I am a self taught artist, doing art in my free time. My other big hobby years ago used to be aviation photography as well”.

About the Art Used On One Night In Nashville

“I created this particular watercolor in 2014. It was my attempt to create nice horse tattoo art.  It was nice to see imy image being used as this album cover”.

This image would’ve been chosen for the by someone at the record company, and added with the classic Poco logo.

“This painting  was always one of my most popular images online so I ended up uploading it on my Alamy account ant that’s how it ended up on Poco’s album”.

Angel’s artwork was used with the famous Poco logo, which first appeared on Poco Seven, from 1974. That cover & design were created by Phil Hartman (RIP, 1998). He had been credited on over 20 album covers throughout his career, including a number of Poco covers. The Canadian artist later became famous as a comedian on Saturday Night Live, and as a voice actor on The Simpsons .

*For more on Angel Ciesniarska’s art, as well as ordering prints check out the links below.



KJ, 02/’22

POCO – One Night In Nashville

A band I am not so familiar with, but I do remember buying the cassette single of their big 1989 hit “Call It Love”. What a great song! And I have picked up a number of Poco albums over the years, but never gave them the time, I guess. But checking out this upgraded version of their 2004 Nashville show, originally released as the CD/DVD Keeping The Legend Alive is an eye opener to the band’s catalogue, not to mention their flawless performances of their hits and classics. “Call It Love” is here, as is their biggest hit, 1978 top 20 hit “Crazy Love” [from their biggest album – Legend] , and their classy rendition of JJ Cale’s “Magnolia” (originally a single from 1973’s Crazy Eyes). I could go on, but this is just an excellent live concert. Poco may have been a slightly less rockin’ act in the same ‘country-rock’ category as The Eagles (their was a few personnel connections too), but they definitely had their own brand of classic rock with great melodies and harmonies, and this is a great intro (or reminder) of the band, who at the point of this show, had 18 studio albums. *This is the first time this is on vinyl (and a nice shade of blue!), tho’ I’m not a fan of condensing these down to fit on 1 LP, but oh well… Classic album art that’ll look great alongside the rest of the band’s albums.

Check out the press release below, as well as the band’s site > https://www.pocoband.com/

Brand New Vinyl Reissue of “One Night In Nashville” From Country Rock Icons POCO!

Los Angeles, CA – Long before Wilco or The Jayhawks or Ryan Adams, there was one country rock band that towered over all others. Founded by former members of the brilliant Buffalo Springfield, Richie Furay and Jim Messina, along with multi-instrumentalist Rusty Young and drummer George Grantham, Poco pioneered a blend of sounds that would come to dominate singles charts and radio for years to come. Indeed, some of Poco’s most beloved tracks are still treasured by fans today including “Crazy Love,” “Heart Of The Night,” “Call It Love” and “Rose Of Cimarron.” These songs as well as the nearly 20 studio albums the band released over the years have ensured that the Poco legend endures.

While Poco’s recording output is well-known and widely celebrated, the band’s live performances are the true treasures for longtime fans. One very special concert occurred one night in Nashville, TN in 2004. Original members Furay, Young and Grantham all participated as well as longtime member Paul Cotton. Together, the group offers up fantastic renditions of their biggest hits and most beloved songs. Now this special live performance is being released on glorious vinyl in a limited-edition TRANSLUCENT BLUE as well as on digipak CD. It’s a superb package that fans old and young will not want to miss!

Order the CD & Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/store/?s=poco+one+night&post_type=product

Digital Version: https://orcd.co/poco_one_night_in_nashville

1. Where Did The Time Go
2. Keep On Tryin’
3. Crazy Love
4. Pickin’ Up The Pieces
5. Bad Weather
6. Call It Love
7. Let’s Dance Tonight
8. Magnolia
9. You Better Think Twice
10. Spellbound
11. Indian Summer
12. Kind Woman
13. Rose Of Cimarron
14. Ride The Country
15. Good Feelin’ To Know
16. Heart Of The Night

1. Keep On Tryin’
2. Crazy Love
3. Bad Weather
4. Call It Love
5. Magnolia
6. You Better Think Twice

1. Indian Summer
2. Kind Woman
3. Rose Of Cimarron
4. Ride The Country
5. Good Feelin’ To Know
6. Heart Of The Night

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