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PAUL NEWTON (Uriah Heep) releases his first book – Bone Structure

Paul Newton was the original bass player in Uriah Heep, a founding member. Paul was the link between the 2 pre-Heep bands The Gods and Spice. He played on the band’s first 3 albums, featuring such classics as “Gypsy”, “Lady In Black”, “July Morning” and “Look At Yourself”. Following Heep his life took a very different path, but in later years he found his way back to the Heep family and fans, having been involved in shows with Ken Hensley & John Lawton, The Heep Legends, and guesting with the band on occasion, as well as Heep tribute bands. He also released an album (with Chris Rainbow) in 2016, titled License To Rock.

Paul comments on the how and why he wrote Bone Structure – “It was a project I started during the pandemic lockdowns, just a self-indulgent exercise..to see if I could actually write a book that I could put on my shelves amongst my recordings but ‘Aspect Design & Publishing’ suggested that I should make it available…so here we are. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing process and ending up with ‘my own’ book’…job done. Anything else will be a little bonus..!!”

Regarding the book’s subject matter, Paul opted to write a fictional book, as opposed to a mere autobiographical recall on his time in bands – “It is a fictional story based on my life through the eyes of an alter-ego. I did not want to produce yet ANOTHER Heep anthology as there are so many out there and I only spent a fairly brief time with the band. As I said, it was purely self-indulgent exercise and will have probably have very limited appeal but that does not bother me really and I have no great expectations…” Despite his ‘no great expectations’, early orders for Bone Structure warranted a 2nd run of the book within a few days!

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Read more about & Order Bone Structure here > https://www.aspect-design.net/product-page/bone-structure?fbclid=IwAR1X6p5wfDnCvOyrHnA02HHgHEVjkqKzeiasZ7cy4AYDtOBA-Jb15CohXAI