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Album of the Day – DAVID GILMOUR’s Rattle That Lock

Like Pink Floyd albums, David Gilmour solo releases seem few and far between, thus become events to listeners and fans. And with such a wait, expectations are high. So, 2015’s Rattle That Lock was an eventful one for David Gilmour fans – a new studio album, followed by a world tour. Rattle That Lock being Gilmour’s 4th solo (studio) album since 1978, and followed the 2014 Pink Floyd album Endless River. From the packaging alone, one can sense something special in holding Gilmour’s latter releases – beautiful cover art, gatefold, a 16 page booklet insert.

And then the music, starting off with the built up instrumental / overture “5A.M.”, and there is something about Gilmour’s guitar sound & feel that make this sort of stuff so appealing that I want to play it repeatedly. The title track is one of a few upbeat songs here, it is memorable, a fine choice for a single, with nice harmonies, the other more upbeat tune being the album’s other single – “Today”. Rattle That Lock is largely slower tempo, atmospheric music, but with a good deal of changes. It all flows together so perfectly through Gilmour’s guitar sound, voice, and top production. Favorites cuts have to be “Faces Of Stone”, “Dancing Right In Front Of Me”, and “In Any Tongue”, where Gilmour lays out his ‘heaviest’ and most memorable solo. There’s some different stuff here, such as the slow paced jazzy “The Girl In The Yellow Dress”, featuring cornet and saxophone.

Plenty of guests, plus the use of orchestra and choirs on a various tracks. Guests include Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Andy Newmark (Sly & The Familiar Stone), Jools Holland (Squeeze), British jazz bass player Yaron Stavi, among others. David Crosby (RIP) and Graham Nash add harmonies on “A Boat Lies Waiting”, and pre-recording-days Pink Floyd guitarist Rado Klose (I never knew). The journey of Rattle That Lock ends with a revisit of the opening theme on “And Then…” The ensuing tour would give us the Live At Pompeii release in 2017.



ASIA 2 – The Marquee London Live ’86

A rare configuration of this band, which played 3 nights for a charity [see my recent interview with Robin George]. This recording comes from the 2nd night at The Marquee. It is an impressive set of Asia favorites, mixed in with a few of Robin’s solo hits, a track from the Wetton/Manzanera album, a Beatles’ cover, solos from Don Airey (is there a band this guy hasn’t played with?) and Carl Palmer, plus 2 studio tracks! The sound quality is OK [not superb], recorded on video cam and the desk (according to Robin). But this should appeal to Asia and Wetton fans, as a rare and historical set, and I’ve heard much worse! And judging from the crowd and John’s performance and intros between songs, it must’ve been a good evening. This show has been bootlegged previously, from different sources, [curious about the absence of a few songs here (!?)] *Studio track “Wasted Time” features John and Robin, while “Johnny” is a solo track from Robin – “Johnny was written for all the friends I’ve loved and lost, but inspired by a real close friend!” A nice add for John Wetton and Asia fans.

Order via – www.robingeorge.co.uk

KJ. 12/’21