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For GOLDEN EARRING fans, guitarist/writer Goerge Kooymans and American guitarist Frank Carillo released their 2nd album titled Mirage. It includes 10 tracks , notably Kooymans’ “Seasons”, which was originally written in 1968 for Dutch band Earth & Fire.

from press:

Twelve years after their debut album On Location, George Kooymans and Frank Carillo return to the front with their second album entitled Mirage. Recorded over a period of approximately three years in various studios and countries, Mirage offers ten tracks that illustrate the natural chemistry between the two guitarists, showcasing artistic excellence, as well as a wide array of musical influences.

,,Four countries, a fantastic cast of real characters, sometimes an ocean between us and more than a few laughs: That’s how Mirage came to life. We wrote a number of the songs in George’s kitchen while he cooked and I strummed guitar. Then he strummed and I got on the cutting board. We like to cook.” – George Kooymans & Frank Carillo

George and Frank are accompanied by a.o. Paul Orofino (banjo, guitar, Hammond Organ), Rinus Gerritsen (bass), Bobby Langenberg (drums), Ocki Klootwijk (bass), John Sonneveld (keyboards, programming) and George’s daughter Cassy on harmony vocals.

,,It wasn’t a conscious effort to make a CD. We just wanted to write and record because we loved doing what we do. After a while, we realized that we had enough material recorded to put out a new collection so here it is.” – George Kooymans & Frank Carillo


1. Mirage 5.01
2. Where The Devil Won’t Go 2.43
3. Sweet Revenge 3.25
4. If I Go There 3.13
5. Den Of Thieves 4.03
6. Ticket To Heaven 3.21
7. I Wish You Were Still Here 4.50
8. Living Now 4.06
9. Crystal Cracking 4.40
10. Christmas in Gaza 2.27
11. Seasons (bonus track) 4.41

Mirage is released on 17th June 2022 by Red Bullet Productions and will be available through all renowned worldwide music dealers and online shops, plus digital channels (Spotify, Apple Music, a.o.). A vinyl version will follow later this year through Music On Vinyl.

*There is also Another release of Golden Earring’s classic Live album. I have the white vinyl of this, as well there is a red vinyl issue (released in 2019 & ’21 respectively). This edition issued on ‘blade bullet’ vinyl reportedly comes from the master tapes – “To celebrate its 45th anniversary, the album is being remastered for the very first time from the original master tapes.” I am curious how improved it will sound(?) A shame there’s no ‘bonus’ material .








GOLDEN EARRING To release last ever live show

Golden Earring’s last performance ever held at Rotterdam Ahoy on 16th November 2019 called ‘You Know We Love You! – Live Ahoy 2019’ as a double CD/DVD. It includes the full show and some extra’s like a replica of the original concert poster and a collage of photos that fans of Golden Earring submitted during the past year. This album will give Golden Earring and its fans a dignified goodbye so well deserved.

A big thanks to Bert Dijkstra/ Shop Around for the magnificent artwork design.

By accident, visual director Marcel de Vré (who had captured the Golden Earring Five Zero Show at the Amsterdam Ziggodome in 2015) recorded that final performance. He was hired to take care of the video content and live camera shots that would be projected on a big video screen hanging on the back of the stage. Without the band being aware, De Vré recorded the show and archived the complete footage.

Luckily, excellent audio and video was available of a tremendous concert, that sadly turned out to be Golden Earring’s final performance – with this historical release as a result.

When in February 2021 co-founder George Kooymans had to announce his having to leave the band with immediate effect, due to health issues. Golden Earring decided to break up. With the sad knowledge that the Rotterdam show had been the final performance of Golden Earring, the audio and visual files were unshelved in close cooperation with the band, Marcel de Vré and John Sonneveld – the band’s long time technical assistance and producer.

CD 1

Don’t Stop The Show
I Do Rock ‘n’ Roll
Another 45 Miles
Long Blond Animal
5 When The Lady Smiles
Liquid Soul
Twilight Zone
Going To the Run

CD 2

Vanilla Queen
Hold Me Now
Say When
The Devil Made Me Do It
Johnny Make Believe
Rinus On Bass
Radar Love part 1
Cesar On Drums
Radar Love part 2
She Flies On Strange Wings
Legalize Telepathy


Don’t Stop The Show
I Do Rock ‘N Roll
Another 45 Miles
Long Blond Animal
When The Lady Smiles
Liquid Soul
Twilight Zone
Going To The Run
Vanilla Queen
Hold Me Now
Say When
The Devil Made Me Do It
Johnny Make Believe
Rinus On Bass
Radar Love part 1
Cesar On Drums
Radar Love part 2
She Flies On Strange Wings
Legalize Telepathy

*a vinyl LP release is reported for later in the year.


NL: https://www.platomania.nl/…/you_know_we…/golden_earring

World: https://www.jpc.de/…/golden-earring-the…/hnum/10869772

*Also see Amazon and other online outlets.


GOLDEN EARRING : Moontan Remastered & Expanded

Golden Earring – Moontan (Gatefold, Vinyl) - Discogs

Golden Earring’s best known album, and their biggest success in North America, Moontan is a ’70s must hear classic album, not only boasting the band’s biggest hit, but also a number of live favorites, with 4 cuts featuring on the band’s awesome 1977 Live album. It featured a cover photo from Dutch photographer Ronnie Hertz, a pic perhaps too much for North America where this market got a different cover or …an earring!

MOONTAN – REMASTERED & EXPANDED To be released September 10.

New expanded 2CD edition of the 1973 classic Golden Earring album, featuring the worldwide hit Radar Love

For the first time ever remastered from the first-generation master tapes.

Featuring 9 previously unreleased mixes/different versions

Featuring 6 bonus tracks, including Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 version) and Instant Poetry

Including a 32-page booklet with a new essay, memorabilia, and photos

Founded in 1961 by George Kooymans and Rinus Gerritsen, Dutch rock band Golden Earring (or Golden Earrings, until 1969) started off as a beat-band, experimented as a psychedelic quartet and finally became a heavy rock group. Their ninth album Moontan (1973) hit the international album charts and is the band’s most successful album in the United States, being the only Golden Earring album to be certified Gold by the RIAA. The single “Radar Love” reached #10 on the Cash Box Top 100 and #13 in Billboard in the United States. It also hit the Top 10 in many countries – including The Netherlands (#1), Spain (#1), Germany (#5), United Kingdom (#7), Canada (#10) and Australia (#10) – and consequently became a bonafide international classic rock song. In June 2020, the original master-tapes of this classic album were unearthed for a long-awaited remastered edition – 48 years after its original release.

Alongside a fresh remaster from the IBC Studios first-generation album masters, six bonus tracks have been added, including the 1973 remake of “Big Tree”, “Blue Sea” that was added to the UK and US editions of the original album, the original single versions of “Radar Love” and “Candy’s Going Bad”, the B-side “The Song Is Over” and the 1974 single “Instant Poetry”.

In addition, a second CD entitled The Moontan Sessions features nine previously unreleased mixes/different versions that give insight into the whole production process of the album. Taken from a variety of archive tapes, these include the original basic recordings of “Radar Love”, “The Song Is Over”, “Are You Receiving Me” and “Vanilla Queen”, taped in early 1973 at Phonogram Studios in Hilversum (The Netherlands), which were overdubbed and finished at London’s IBC Studios in July 1973. All tracks have been 24 bit/192 kHz remastered from the original master-tapes.

A special 2LP edition of Moontan (remastered & expanded) released by Music On Vinyl will follow in early 2022. This 2CD edition of Moontan starts off a special series of remastered & expanded albums by Golden Earring, overseen by Red Bullet catalogue and band archivist Wouter Bessels.

No photo description available.


CD 1: Original album version remastered plus bonus tracks
1. Candy’s Going Bad 6.13
2. Are You Receiving Me 9.32
3. Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock) 4.26
4. Radar Love 6.26
5. Just Like Vince Taylor 4.22
6. Vanilla Queen 9.19
7. Big Tree, Blue Sea (1973 version) 8.12
8. Candy’s Going Bad (single version) 2.52
9. Radar Love (single version) 3.45
10. The Song Is Over 4.52
11. Instant Poetry 5.08
12. From Heaven, From Hell (1974 version) 6.05

CD 2: The Moontan Sessions
1. Vanilla Queen (early version) 10.03
2. Radar Love (basic track) 6.27
3. The Song Is Over (basic track) 5.14
4. Are You Receiving Me (basic track) 9.30
5. Candy’s Going Bad (rough mix) 4.06
6. Vanilla Queen part 1 (rough mix) 5.36
7. Just Like Vince Taylor (alternate mix) 4.27
8. Big Tree, Blue Sea part 1 (rough mix) 3.14
9. Radar Love (instrumental mono mix) 6.30

Moontan (remastered & expanded) will be released by Red Bullet Productions on 10 September 2021 and will be available through all renowned worldwide music dealers and online shops.


[pre order] https://shop.rockart.nl/product-categorie/golden-earring-diversen/

Golden Earring – Live

Golden Earring is from Holland, and as far as most in North America know of them, they were a 2-hit wonder. They had huge hits with “Radar Love” (1973) and “Twilight Zone” (1982), but Golden Earring is the longest running band that until recently – regularly released albums and toured. The band formed as The Tornados in 1961, changed their name to The Golden Earrings and released their first album was in 1965. And although they’d have hits and success in their homeland, it wouldn’t be til the early ’70s that the band had distribution and an impact in North America with a string of classic albums – Moontan, Switch, To The Hilt, and Mad Love when they’d signed to MCA Records. Many years ago I had [still have] been given a few compilation cassettes of the band from my [late] uncle Jim. I never gave them much play, but in recent years I started filling in the gaps in my Golden Earring collection, and more so started digging the band’s 1977 Live album [2LP]. which – if you don’t have it – I think is one of the greatest Live albums of all time.

At this point the band included founding members George Kooymans [guitar, vocals] and Rinus Gerritsen [bass, keyboards, harmonica, guitar], as well as Barry Hay [lead vocals, guitar, flute], sax – since ’67] and Cesar Zuiderwijk [drums, since 1970] , as well and Eelxo Geiling [guitar]. Aside from Geiling, the other 4 members would remain permanent members until the end. The only personnel changes in the ’70s would be the extra guitar player or keyboard player that the band added for various albums. But, yeah – at the time of the Live album, Golden Earring was a 5 -piece, guitar heavy band; not heavy like ‘metal’, just lots of that cool ’70s guitar sound, with some slide guitar, lengthy solos, etc… The band was far from a ‘pop’ band here, stretching out the 10 tracks here with extended jams and solos, You get a 12 minute take of “Radar Love”, a 12 & a half minute play of the classic “Vanilla Queen”, and a 6 and a half minute version of “To The Hilt”.

Most of the tracks are taken from the band’s latest albums, though material from the classic Switch album is absent. There’s also a 10 minute rendition of “Eight Miles High”, which was actually shortened from the near 19 minute version that the band recorded for their 1969 album of the same name. Side One is probably my favorite here kicking off with “Candy’s Going Bad”, followed by “She Flies On Strange Wings” [from 1971’s Seven Tears] , and a near 10 minute rock out on “Mad Love’s Comin'” – the title track to their latest album at the time, and one that makes me wonder if Iron Maiden was listening to this[?].

If you have nothing of or very little of Golden Earring, Live is the best place to start, just an amazing recording of a classic band at their peak. Recently reissued on white vinyl. Would be nice if there was more to these recordings [see the new Be Bop Deluxe Live In The Air Age box set]. There would be a 2nd Live released in 1981, which only got released in the Netherlands and Germany; it features a completely different set of tracks, played to regular lengths [no 10 minute + jams]. And if you are picking up Golden Earring albums, do yourself a favor and get the original European version of Moontan! it features the classic artwork in a gatefold, as well as the proper 6 tracks, where as the North American version cheaps out on the cover art, and shortens the album to 5 songs. But, as I said – start here with Live. Guitarist George Kooymans was diagnosed with ALS earlier this year, putting an end to the band’s amazing 60 years on the rock stage. But, if you’re a fan of those ’70s guitar / jam bands Live is a ‘must have’. The band’s catalogue is long, but well worth looking in to beyond the hits.

*Live has been recently been reissued on white vinyl vi Music On Vinyl.


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